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Alec Makinson

Alec Makinson

An interest in creating art for his own enjoyment has always run alongside Alec's career in journalism and the media.

After working in a number of different mediums, the inspiration to create art by fusing glass began. Over the years since then, the work of experimentation and development of tools and techniques, using the beautiful but sometimes unpredictable nature of glass has continued.

His passion is to create handcrafted, original, fused glass artworks. Each piece is totally made from glass, individually designed and created using a multi layered approach. Using a variety of high quality coloured opaque and transparent glass, the art us kiln fired multiple times. This ensures the finished work is one unified piece of glass that is three dimensional, unique and original.

'By creating something I was unable to find for myself in the art market, I'm hoping to provide the art buyer with work that is tactile, unique and appealing.'

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