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All work : Gareth Evans [Biography]

Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans is best known for his literary butterfly series ‘My Father’s Books. Working in mixed media Gareth turns classic works of fact and fiction into fragile 3D butterflies.
The series, ‘My Father’s Books’ was inspired by his father’s library in the house he grew up in. He recalls the constant presence of books:
‘Exotic stories of distant lands, the faded colours of the covers and even the guilty coffee cup stains left on the books left a big impression on me.’
The series is intended to marry the love of these books coupled with the child’s wonder of the insect and butterfly cases found in natural history museums, giving them an ‘exhibit’ quality.
Gareth creates the butterflies from photographs he has taken of the original books. Careful to retain the marks of age, they are then manipulated into swallow tail butterfly form and printed onto either textured or smooth archival art paper. Considering the subject matter and colour these are painstakingly laid onto textured mounts and laid in a shallow box frame. ‘My father was / is very particular about the care of his books and I think this has affected the care I take in the preparation of every piece. A book is a precious object and I try and bring this to my artwork.’
Gareth has also appeared as the cover artiste on the USA based ‘Ann Kullberg’s Colour Magazine’ and has had work exhibited in various galleries in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Wales and the Mall Galleries.

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