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Granddads Medals

Granddads Medals

This was a personal project I undertook to frame my Granddads WWI medals.

I also wanted to find out other information about him that I could use for the frame.

If you have ever thought about framing one of your relation's war medals, its probably took you deeper and deeper into the life of that person.

I just wanted a little information about my Granddad to put in the frame, for example, number, regiment and where he served etc.

What I found out was quite astonishing, and not even our family knew the full details.

My Granddad died when I was 1 year old, so I only knew snippets that my Father would tell me, but then, not even he knew that much as soldiers rarely talked about their experiences when they came home.
I feel that through my research, I have finally discovered a part of his life that I knew nothing about, and we now have a lovely frame to remember his achievements by.

So, you see, its not just about framing medals...........its about the journey of discovery !

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