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Services (Picture Framing Services, Nantwich)

Bespoke Framing

Here at Art of Framing we provide a high quality bespoke framing service. Owner, Mark Gee GCF (left) is a qualified, experienced framer who can produce creative solutions to meet most framing challenges.

We only use the best materials available to make your frames, and frame to the Fine Art Trade Guild standards. Please have a look on our BESPOKE FRAMING page for more information.We have a wide range of mouldings to choose from, and lots of different mounting options to display your artwork to the best effect. We can frame almost anything, from personal family photographs to sports shirts to valuable original artwork.

Whatever you require framing, we will be able to offer you expert advice on the best way to frame it, so that it enhances and protects your item. We are also happy to give you advice even if you don't require anything framing, so please feel free to contact us.

Services listed on this page include:
Restoration, Art Gallery, Computerised Mount Cutting, Photograph Restoration and Frame Repairs and Alterations.


If you have an old painting or print that has suffered damage or needs cleaning, then Art of Framing can help.

We work with our professional restorer, who has many years experience and will be happy to discuss with you, and advise the best treatment for your valuable artwork

Our restoration service includes cleaning, lining and re-lining damaged or torn canvases, making good paint loss, varnish stripping of old discoloured varnish from paintings on canvas, or panels from ancient to modern. We also treat works on paper (foxing, tears etc.) and offer all types of frame restoration. 

Enquire about our Restoration service.

Art Gallery

We have now opened our new art gallery, Love Art Gallery, and you can view and purchase all our artwork on the new website here www.loveartgallery.co.uk

Visit the LOVE ART GALLERY website

Computerised Mount Cutting

We specialise in all types of personal mount cutting designs using our state of the art  computerised mount cutting machine.

We can create virtually any design you wish, with different shapes, objects and numbers, the only limitation is usually our creative minds.

We also use Alphamat Artcare mount board, which in our opinion is one of the best boards on the market and is conservation quality or better. It is available in over one hundred colours and thicknesses, so there are lots of choices to suit all artwork

Please have a look at our CREATIVE MOUNTS page for new and unique ideas to purchase and gain inspiration from.

Enquire about our Computerised Mount Cutting service. 

Photograph Restoration

Do you have old or damaged precious photographs of parents, relatives or friends that are faded or damaged in some way

If so, then we can help by digitally restoring them back to almost original condition. Our example shows what a transformation can take place when they are restored, maybe enlarged, and finally framed for good.

You can bring your photographs into our shop. You can post them to us at our address on the contact page. If you already have them on a computer you can email them to us at info@artofframing.co.uk

We can also accept photographs on memory sticks or cards and CD’s or DVD’s

Enquire about our Photograph Restoration service.


Frame Repairs and Alterations

Fashions and decor change, and unfortunately accidents happen. We offer a full repair and alteration service for your framed artwork

We can totally transform your artwork so that it remains looking good within your new home, office or if you have a change in decor.

This can mean changing the frame for something that is more suitable. We can replace your broken glass, or even change the glass for better glass that we stock in the shop. We can replace or add new mounts into your frame. We can re-hinge your artwork if it has 'slipped' in the frame. We can replace or fit new back boards, and also fit new cord or wire hangers.

We also offer a Frame ‘MOT’, where we take your frame to pieces and give it a good clean, inside and out. We will look at replacing any faded mounts, worn hanging cords, scratched glass etc. Transforming your tired frame into a gleaming masterpiece once more!

Whatever you require doing, we can help, so please contact us for any enquiry you may have

Enquire about our Frame Repairs and Alterations Service.


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