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All work : Jack Vettriano Print and Poems [Biography]

Jack Vettriano Print and Poems

Jack Vettriano Print and Poems

A unique piece of artwork which is ideal for collector's, gifts or just because you would like something a little different

Art of Framing are proud to work with local poet, Bob Doughty.
Together we have designed and created these unique mounted and framed artwork.

All Jack Vettriano prints are open edition, and the poems are all limited editions written by Bob Doughty.

Bob is a fan and collector of Jack Vettriano's work, and has been inspired to write wonderful poems depicting the individual images of Vettriano.

The combined artwork of prints and poem are available framed, or just mounted.
You can purchase them here online, or direct from our shop

Please note: These unique designs are the creation of Art of Framing and Bob Doughty, and are not from the Jack Vettriano 'stable', although we are able to use the prints because they are open edition and freely available

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