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All work : Ritchie Collins [Biography]

Ritchie Collins

Ritchie Collins

Ritchie Collins was born in Prestwick, on the west coast of Scotland, in 1978. He has painted throughout his life and studied painting and illustration at the College of Building and Printing, Glasgow before settling in Edinburgh.

Ritchie's art is influenced by the many coastal towns, wild countryside and the unique architecture to be found all over Scotland. Celtic art, myths and folklore are also a constant source of inspiration to him, as are the many countries to which he now ventures looking for scenes to paint in his signature style.

Vibrant colours, simple form and a creative use of textures are woven together to give Ritchie's paintings a truly magical and unique quality.

Each Painting tells a story: the intricate detail and often subtle features offer something new to explore at every glance.

"The timeless art of Ritchie Collins is loved by young and old, male and female alike, as his imaginative images seem to inspire and please us all."

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