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All work : Gary Walton [Biography]

Gary Walton

Gary Walton

"I started to look deep inside myself to create my individual style. Frustration was a big factor knowing that if I wanted to be different it was not going to be easy. It did not happen straight away and I had to sketch endlessly to help represent my new work, until my creation was born and then I was happy with what I had created."

During his spare time Gary Walton would paint landscapes with inspired skill and originality redolent of Salvador Dali. His watercolours emanate a magical quality: an ethereal contrast of reality and dreamlike visions. He suggests that his artwork is ‘whimsical, romantic and happy.

For three years Gary worked part-time, selling his work to private collectors and gaining a reputation as a talent to be applauded. His latest watercolours depict day-to-day landscapes of buildings, coastlines and trains in an exquisite and enchanting way.

In 2004 Gary got his big break and was a finalist in the DeMontfort New Artist competition. His prize was a publishing contract with DeMontfort Fine Art, one of the UK’s leading international art publishers. To his delight he was now able to make his dream a reality and gain the international recognition that his work deserved.

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