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All work : Andreas Claussen [Biography]

Andreas Claussen

Andreas Claussen

Andreas Claussen (born 1988 in Hanover, Germany) is a multidisciplinary artist who combines traditional drawing and painting skills with modern technologies like 3d rendering.
After painting seascapes for half a decade, he now works on a new series called “FLOOD”.
He has exhibited his work in galleries and on major art fairs in Germany and sold across Europe, South Korea, Canada and the USA. He lives and works in Germany.
Andreas Claussen's series FLOOD sends a lonely astronaut into the
vastness of a flooded earth. Armed with nothing more than an inflatable
flamingo, he floats through the endless water and discovers the remnants
of human culture.
Claussen captures the zeitgeist with his oil paintings. In the midst of
global uncertainty about the actual extent of the environmental crisis,
between naysayers, utopians and conspiracy theorists, between broken
supply chains and soaring energy prices, Claussen's paintings are a
welcome change.
With a lot of humor and irony, they spread a hopeful mood in this
difficult situation and stimulate meaningful conversations about our
future challenges.

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