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Bespoke Framing (Picture Framing Services, Nantwich)

When it comes to framing your artwork or item, there can be lots of choices to make to create your perfect frame.

But don't worry if you cannot decide how to present your artwork, or what type of frame to choose, because that’s what we are here for. We will work with you, offering professional, friendly advice to produce your perfect frame that compliments your artwork or item.

When you visit Art of Framing we will discuss with you...

  • Styles and Types of Moulding (Frame)
  • Colour Coordination, and Types of Mount
  • Where the Piece will Hang
  • Your Colour Scheme and Decor
  • Lighting and Glass type



This is a crucial stage of the process because if measurements are not exact, then it has an effect on the whole frame. We will always work to the dimensions agreed with the customer to ensure the frame turns out exactly as planned



Our Computerised Mount Cutting machine can cut many different designs just for you, single, double or multiple mounts. We can also create special mounts with, 'V' grooves, name mounts and hundreds of shapes to suit your mount or theme of the frame, all of which will be discussed with you when you visit us.

All our mount board is conservation quality or better, and conforms to Fine Art Trade Guild standards.

Cutting and joining

Cutting & joining

We can offer you a choice of hundreds of different wood or metal mouldings.
All our moulding are accurately cut by our industry standard Morso machine, and joined by our compressed air underpinner, ensuring the frame has no imperfections.

Assembling the frame


Believe it or not, there is glass in the left hand side of the framed example. Amazing isn't it!

Glass can make a big difference to the overall look and finish of your frame, which is why we offer different types of glass to suit all kinds of artwork. We fit Waterwhite float glass as standard, and also offer Conservation Glass, Truvue Waterwhite Glass, Artglass AR and UV, Non Reflective and Standard float glass as well as Styrene (plastic) and laminated glass, where health and safety is a factor. We will discuss with you what type of glass would be most suitable for your frame when you visit us.


Assembling the frame

The mount is created, the frame is made, and the glass and backing board are cut.

We can now put it all together.

This stage can be quite time consuming, as we want to ensure the glass is sparkling clean, all dust particles are removed, and everything is perfect before we build the frame up.

The rear of the frame is as important as the front, and we take great care to ensure the frame is all taped up and the hanging system is installed correctly.

Check quality of framing

Last, but not least...

Before leaving the workshop, we meticulously check the frame over to ensure that there are no issues.

And then the best bit; we admire it for a short while, proud of what we have created, before we begin the process all over again for another customer

Remember: If its not Quality, its not Art of Framing

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