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Nantwich. CW5 5BQ

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We're here to help, that’s why we have put together this quick FAQ to speed things up a little.

If you have further questions please call us on 01270 611188 or contact us.

Your Questions

Our Answers

When are you open?

We run an appointment system, so it is always best to contact us and make an appointment, however appointments are not always necessary and you can just visit the shop and take a chance that we are free to serve you

Our Opening Times are: 

Closed                      Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

9.30am - 3.30pm      Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 

9.30am - 2.30pm      Saturday

Have you got any parking?

We are situated in Pillory Street, Nantwich. Unfortunately the shop does not have its own parking, however you can park on the street near the shop for a limited amount of time, and there are car parks within 100m of the shop at the end of the street.

What can you frame?

We can frame most things, including: photographic prints, fine art prints, canvas prints, needlecraft and cross stitch, fabric artwork, sport shirts, memorabilia and collectibles, 3D objects, posters, signs and notices, certificates.................the list is endless.

Please contact us for any advice about what we can frame.

How long will it take to frame my picture or item?

We keep a good range of materials in stock, so if you choose a frame that we already have in stock, we can normally make your frame to suit your timescales. If we have to order moulding, or other special materials then it could take between 2 and 3 weeks.

Having said that, we will do our best to prioritise work to suit the customer, and try to get the frame done as soon as you require it

Do you restore, clean or repair artwork?

We work with a local restorer, who has many years of experience, and will be happy to discuss with you, and advise the best treatment for your valuable artwork.

Our restoration service includes cleaning, lining and re-lining damaged or torn canvases, making good paint loss, varnish stripping of old discoloured varnish from paintings on canvas, or panels from ancient to modern. We also treat works on paper (foxing, tears etc.) and offer all types of frame restoration. Please contact us for more details.

Can you re-frame my picture to give it a fresh new look?

Yes we can. There are hundreds of mouldings and different coloured mounts to choose from to totally transform your old picture, into something unique.

We can also replace your broken glass and damaged mounts, if required.

Do you sell just mounts (or mats)?

Yes we do. We sell all types of different sized mounts, colours and styles. If you tell us what you require, then we can cut it for you, often while you wait.

We can also cut you new mounts to put in your own frames.

If you prefer, we can professionally insert your artwork into the new mount for you, re-assemble your frame and finish off the back to the trade standard.

We also supply photographers, artists etc with large orders of similar sized mounts as required.

Have a look at our CREATIVE MOUNTS page for new and unique ideas on mount design.

I want to create an unusual mount that is really eye catching...

No problem. We specialise in Computerised Mount Cutting. We can create many different designs to suit what you require, eg. name banners, football teams, multi-apertures... the list is endless.

 If you have a design in mind, please contact us so we can work together to try to design your unique mount.

Can you make me a Table Plan for my Wedding – something that has a WOW factor?

Yes we can.  With our computerised mount cutter, experience and creativity, we have a number of designs that will be just right for you on your special day.

We also create other designs for any special occasion so please contact us for more information

Do you sell readymade frames?

Yes, we stock good quality ready made frames, however we mainly make bespoke frames to your design and specifications.

Can you frame me a football shirt?

Yes, no problem. We frame all kinds of sports shirts. There are many different ways of presenting a shirt in a frame, which we will discuss with you when you bring the shirt in to us.

You can be assured that all our shirts are framed using the best materials, and sewn into the frame as recommended by the Fine Art Trade Guild, this ensures the shirt will not 'sag' over time, and will remain looking good for years to come.

Do you do frame repairs?

Yes, we do all kinds of frame repairs. We can replace your broken glass, or even change the glass for better glass that we stock in the shop. We can replace or add new mounts into your frame. We can re-hinge your artwork if it has ‘slipped’ in the frame. We can replace or fit new back boards, and also fit new cord or wire hangers. 

I’m interested in a picture I saw on your Art Gallery page. Could I see it before I purchased it?

Yes, of course. Unfortunately we do not have the room here at the shop to store all of the artwork in our ‘gallery’, so some of it is stocked with our publishers and artists. However, if we do not have the artwork at the shop, we can arrange for it to be delivered to our shop for you to view before purchasing. Please contact us to discuss.

I’m interested in having an old or damaged photograph restored. What shall I do?

You can bring your photographs into our shop. You can post them to us at our address on the contact page, or you can email them to us at info@artofframing.co.uk

We also accept photographs on memory sticks or cards and CD’s or DVD’s.

Once we have your photograph then we can assess the work required to restore your photographs and let you know the total cost. If you want us to go ahead with the restoration then we will do the work and let you know when the work is completed. The restoration can take between three to ten days to complete.

Please feel free to contact us if we have not answered your question here

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